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Pulasr Dare Venture Article

In the last episode of Pulsar Dareventure Season 2, we saw two new wildcard entries. The episode also witnessed Black Storm riders losing the Beach Football match and facing eliminations even after their gang leader defended commendably. Finally, the episode saw the night ride to Okhaldhunga.

Text by Dibesh Dangol

It was pretty late at night when we reached Okhaldhunga. Our crew members along with the remaining riders camped together which gave us an opportunity to interact with the contestants and get to know them even more. Vice-versa the contestants also got to network with the crew members as well as the gang leaders. Everyone was enjoying the journey, the camping with an added entertainment from the amazing Robin Tamang who sang a few songs that added in on the enjoyment. The next day was going to be another elimination day for one of the contestants of Black Storm Rider and then the riders would head off to Solukhumbu district.

The next day everyone woke up early as we had to finish up with the elimination shoot as well as begin our journey to Phaplu. The Burnout riders were ecstatic as they emerged as winners in the previous round resulting in their whole team continuing on in the journey. However, the anxiety escalated from dawn for the Black Storm Riders. The team sat down for a crucial discussion with their gang leader on who should stay and whom to eliminate. Two riders, Ram Bhandari and Bhim Bahadur Khatri received maximum votes but ultimately the new wildcard entry Bhim Bahadur Khatri was one to exit the scene. As for Ram Bhandari, it was the second time he dodged the elimination bullet from a very close range. After the elimination ended, we bid farewell to Bhim Bahadur Khatri and continued on towards our Pulsar dare venture Season 2 adventures towards our next destination Phaplu.

When we started off towards Phaplu initially the journey was easy where we saw the riders enjoying the first leg of the ride. The journey observed breathtaking sceneries along the way which added to the excitement in the air. Nevertheless, after covering almost fifty percent of the road to Phaplu we came across landslide affected areas. This part of the journey tested the actual riding skills of the riders. Under the guidance of marshals the riders cleared the obstacle and also learnt valuable off-road riding skills. Even in such a dire situation, the riders were helpful enough to assist a truck that was stuck there. Finally, after crossing the difficult paths we reached Phalplu where the weather was freezing cold and it was drizzling as well.

In the evening a small interaction session was organized where the crew and the riders took a break from their long journey to Phaplu. To relieve the exhaustion, the contestants, gang leaders and the host sat in front of the bonfire singing songs and playing fun games. There was no pressure of elimination that night and everyone was happy to make it to Solukhumbu. The next day the contestants were in for an even bigger challenge ahead. Were they ready to face it??

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