The Nerves Were On

Pulasr Dare Venture Article

After a grueling Attitude Test, finally Top 17 riders were selected but only 10 of them were going on the journey. Who will be the Top 10?

Text by Dibesh Dangol

We saw the game face of the riders when they attended the Attitude Test. Some exceeded the expectations of the judges and got selected but most of them failed to impress the judges. It was past midnight when the names of the participants who were selected were called. Behind the scene, the tension mounted up and we could see the sere nervousness in the face of all 17 contestants. When SubekshyaKhadka called out the names of the participants who got selected, they were filled with excitement and joy but the one who got eliminated felt disappointed but was fired up for the next season. As for the crew, it was finally a late “Pack Up!” time and getting ready for the next day of shooting Pulsar Dare Venture Season 2.

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